Swings and Roundabouts

A short film by Frances Loy

A grieving couple struggle to connect and heal following the loss of their child.

Our Story

Swings and Roundabouts is our debut short film, charting our journey from professional theatre makers with 24 years of experience between us, to emerging female filmmakers.

As women, and mothers, we know the subject of miscarriage is ignored in vast areas of the arts and media - only when someone like Michelle Obama “comes out” with her experience does it become a noteworthy conversation for a brief few minutes - until it is again repressed, taking its sufferers with it. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage: it is our hope that Swings and Roundabouts will help to dispel the myth that parents must suffer this common tragedy in silence. We are deeply grateful to all the people who donated towards getting Swings and Roundabouts made, all of whom have been touched by miscarriage.

As a director, Frances’ work tends towards the darker recesses of humanity - her acclaimed theatrical work includes a dystopian Midsummer Night’s Dream, an all-female Dolls House, a post-apocalyptic story of drug and child abuse and a single-performer show exploring the mental health system failure of an active shooter. Libby has overseen productions from Madagascar the Musical in London’s West End to a play about apartheid South Africa, to a large scale immersive theatrical event weaving together the words of Orwell with real-life, modern-day testimonies from the homeless community. As a unit we are fundamentally drawn to stories of intimate individuality, visceral intensity, and that allows artists and audiences to connect with characters, each other, and the wider world.

We strived to be the change we want to see by employing as many women and parents as possible on this project, and hope that it might reach audiences to ignite conversation while standing up as the simple, earnest but beautiful piece of art we are proud to have created with our whole team.

Thankyou for supporting us during our festival run.